[DWJ] In which I satisfy the curious (I hope!)

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 21 01:46:15 EDT 2006

Katarina Hjärpe wrote:
>there's a list on names the authors think you shouldn't name your kids:
>Caligula, Mao, Hitler, Judas, Medusa, Lucrezia, Borgia, Belsebub, Rasputin, 
>Sabrina, Samantha, Nils Adamson, Nero, Rocky, Dolph, Arnold, Buddha, Allah, 
>Vishnu, Jesus, Gandhi, Onan, Christer Pettersson, Mata Hari, Ramses, 
>Cleopatra, Marilyn, Candy, Lolita, Suzy, Tiffany, Nebukadnessar, Herodes, 
>Caesar, Zorro, Tarzan, and Hannibal.

>Why Suzy?  My sister's name is Rebecca Sue, and she goes by Suzie.
>--Mark Allums

Suzy was put in with Marilyn, Candy, Lolita and Tiffany as names that "Might 
work. Some movies are a financial success."

As with Samantha, I think the context is a bit different than it would be in 
an English-speaking country (though I don't necessarily agree with the 
authors that Suzy is a porn name even in Swedish).


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