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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 16:51:31 EDT 2006

--- Anna Zofia Skarzynska <ania.s at tiscali.co.uk>
> [rant] I really don't get it when people name their
> children (i. e. register 
> their names as) things like Katie, Ellie etc. Why
> not Katherine or 
> Elizabeth? They won't be little girls forever and
> with the full version 
> there is so much more scope for later variation. 

We used Kate (but not Katie) for our first-born as we
wanted a short name. Unfortunatly it proved to be the
most popular girls name of 1979. When she got to
school over half of the girls in the class had a
variation - Kate/Katie/Katheryn/Kathleen - very
annoying. We also lucked out that way with Sarah - it
to was the most popular girls name for 1981, but she
never had to share it with half the class. If she'd
been a boy she would have been Ben which turned out to
be the most popular boys name that year and one I have
noticed as a teacher almost invariably assigned to
troublemakers. I once called out "Ben leave the
library - you know what you were doing" and four boys
left without arguement (but not the one I was refering
Teaching makes naming children hard - you tend to
associate every name with someone horrid.

> also detest fanciful 
> spellings. A friend named her son Quinton. I tried
> to point out (tactfully) 
> that the spelling is Quentin, or Quintin. She didn't
> care. Now her kid is 
> saddled with a deliberate spelling mistake for the
> rest of his life. Grrrr. 
> [/rant]
We see lots of these, Every possible way of spelling a
word, knowing the kids I usually suspect that the
parents have no idea how the name is spelt - or even
if it is traditionally a boys or girls name.


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