[DWJ] In which I satisfy the curious (I hope!)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Sep 20 16:09:57 EDT 2006

Ania was a tad peevish:

>[rant] I really don't get it when people name their children (i. e. register
>their names as) things like Katie, Ellie etc. Why not Katherine or
>Elizabeth? They won't be little girls forever and with the full version
>there is so much more scope for later variation. I also detest fanciful
>spellings. A friend named her son Quinton. I tried to point out (tactfully)
>that the spelling is Quentin, or Quintin. She didn't care. Now her kid is
>saddled with a deliberate spelling mistake for the rest of his life. Grrrr.

Would it be better if the spelling mistake were an accident?  My cousin
Phyliss got spelt that way because an elder female relative was determined
that was the right way to spell it, and overbore all protests at the
registry office.  She finally admitted, three days later when it was far
too late to change it, that perhaps she might have been mistaken!

I think cutesy names are often (maybe not *always*) a mistake, because the
child has to live with them, not the adult who was responsible.  I simply
would not call a child Fifi Trixiebelle -- if I did, I'd live in dread of
Borden treatment once she was old enough to wield the axe.

Also, any name-joke wears a bit thin on the several hundredth repetition,
and each person making it for the first time seems to assume that it is the
first time the owner of the name has ever heard it too, and expects
applause for their original wit.  If my surname were "Redd" I would not
name my girl-child "Rose".


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