[DWJ] In which I satisfy the curious (I hope!)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Sep 20 13:47:58 EDT 2006

>Minnow wrote:
>(Actually, I went and looked in the books-of-names at this point, and apart
>from Attilla, which wasn't there, all the boys' names I found ending in "a"
>came from the Hebrew: Amasa, Asa, Elijah, Elisha, Ira, Joshua, Josiah,
>Zachariah and Zedekiah -- I'm counting "ah" as "a-really", but I don't
>think that's cheating *too* much.)

and Gili commented:

>I can think of several Russian men's names that end in "a", like Mischa,
>Illya, Kolya, Sascha...

Wa-HEY!  So they do!  I'm forced to conclude that the English (these being
in the main books of English names, though some of them give "foreign
variations") haven't nicked many names from the Russian.  I wonder why
not... we steal words from all over, why not names from Russia?


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