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On Wed, 20 Sep 2006, Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) wrote:
|Minnow, replying to Charlie
|> It might be unkind to call a child Angharad, because about half the
|> people who encounter it will probably pronounce it wrong, or spell it
|> wrong, or both, and that can grow to be a real bore
|The only girl of that name whom I have known certainly suffered.  She
|impressed upon me (but on surprisingly few of the rest of our circle)
|that it was pronounced ang-HA-rad, all A's being short and somewhere
|between the English short A and AH.

See, if I named a child Angharad, I'd take for granted that she'd
go by "Harry" and would turn out to be a Lost Prince[ss] with
Amazing Magical Abilities.

*is a geek*

My oldest sister, so my parents claim, was almost Myfanwy, but
they sensibly realised she'd end up being "Muffy", and that no
court in the world would convict her of their eventual murder.
Though she did, ironically, marry a Welshman.

I was named after my grandfather.  Which is less funny than it
sounds: he was David, and David and Deborah sound closer in
Hebrew (D'vorah).  I've always considered myself lucky I didn't
end up with "Davida", although in retrospect if I had, I could
have gone by "Dave", which would have been awesome.  (See above
re: Harry and my formative book/name combos.)

Do any DWJ character besides Roddy take intentionally
gender-ambiguous names?  It's a plot point in Tale of Time City,
isn't it?  But that's different from a nickname.  I suppose Tan
Coul, as well.

Wow, I smell a paper coming on.

I need to bond with you.  It's part of my therapy.

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