[DWJ] Names

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Wed Sep 20 09:26:59 EDT 2006

Miss Angorian ... (HMC)
Candida --- noooo. It's a nasty disease.

Sallyo (who might have been Ian). BTW, our James would have been Jillian, 
and our Tegan would have been Jonathan. SO - Jillian and Jonathan are the 
children we never had...

It's weird... having shadow children. There's a book by - Anne Fine? Jan 
Mark? - called TIMES CHANGE, in which the protagonist sees her possible 
future and realises that to avoid falling into a poverty trap she must 
choose a course that will preclude her from ever having the son she knows 
she would love.

Gives me the shivers.


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