[DWJ] In which I satisfy the curious (I hope!)

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Wed Sep 20 05:06:53 EDT 2006

Judith wrote:

> May I just pause here from my own hysteria and thank everybody for
> my day (and that of my colleagues) off with the best laugh I've had in
> I keep shrieking out loud at some of the name suggestions, so I've had to
> share them with the rest of the office. Fabulous!

I have to agree. "Klartch Ding" sounds like the sound a slot machine makes
when you pull its handle.

I can't help thinking, "Chandler Ding". Of course. (This is "Friends".
Chandler Bing was male but there was a female baby named Chandler after him
in the series, one of Phoebe's triplets...) I once knew a Debbie Bing, kids
used to call her "Bing the Berciless" (after Ming the Merciless from Flash
Gordon). I'd say both Ding and Bing are challenging surnames to match with a
good first name, but neither are as bad as my former roomie's maiden name,
"Ng". Unpronounceable on a western palate. Upon marriage, she took her
husband's name and gained a vowel and a half: she's now "Yang".

BTW, Lizzie, I was also given a first name that nobody ever used: "Avigail".
"Gili" was originally my middle name, but I had it officially changed
several years ago and now it's my first name. And I'm sure this has come up
on this mailing list before...

Back to DWJ, she's used several quite pretty names over the years, hasn't
she? My favorite is Sophie, which I sometimes use when I'm going

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