[DWJ] In which I satisfy the curious (I hope!)

Kyla Mackay-Smith kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Tue Sep 19 15:03:23 EDT 2006

On Tue, 19 Sep 2006, Elizabeth Parks wrote:

> I would like to just vote against Diana Ding, if I may.  Not that Diana
> isn't a lovely name!  And Ding is pretty excellent!  I'm just not sure about
> the combination.

Oh, good point.

> Juliette, what about: Vierran, Wynne, or Marianne?  Pinhoe Ding. .  though I
> rather like Chrestomanci as a first name.

The nice thing about Chrestomanci is that it's got a lot of syllables,
which balances the one-syllable "Ding" nicely. This is not a serious
suggestion, though. :^)

> (I would also advise that you give your child a first name you mean to use:
> my first name is Margaret (after my grandmother), but my mother can't stand
> it, and so I spent the first twenty-odd years of my life (ie all but the
> past year and a half) trying to convince people that I really do prefer
> Elizabeth, or Lizzie.

That sounds quite annoying. And I concur.

> trying to convince them that Lizzie is still an okay name now that I'm
> twenty-something is another challenge.

Have you tried referring them to Jane Austen? I always thought Lizzy
(Lizzie? Can't remember) fit Elizabeth Bennet quite well, and no one ever
suggested that it was too young a name.

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