[DWJ] Re: Vet Visits

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Mon Sep 18 13:20:04 EDT 2006

Our Ace, having gone 5 years with 0 visits to the vet, has been four times 
in a month. She went to be speyed after her litter. Then she went to have 
the stitches removed. Then she went to have the stitch the vet forgot 
removed. Then she went to have a lump in her side checked.

$200.00 later...

I'm always flabbergasted when kids in books waltz off to the vet with a sick 
rabbit... ODWJM - I wonder if Fiddle ever went to the vet, or is it the 
piano tuner? The mind boggles.

I shall sew me a thornfair gown, love,

To put on for the Guinea Fair

And I'll weave me a garland of thorn and may

And a maiden's braid I'll wear.

Crowned with a circlet of may, love,

I'll lie down in the circle of thorn

A maiden no more I'll arise, love

And a gift for the folk shall be born.

  (From Garlands of Thorn and May)

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