[DWJ] Re: currency (minor spoilers for CL, WW, TPE)

deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Mon Sep 18 09:13:45 EDT 2006

|From: Belben, Philip \(Energy Wholesale\) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
|PS I don't believe Janet.  There's no remote possibility that a riding hat
|could have cost =A3130 in a world where the vet charges only half a guinea
|for a check-up.

Ha!  As a hat person, I can assure you that nice hats are
*expensive*.  I regularly fall in unrequited love with $300 hats.

That being said, I could buy those hats for the price of a few vet

"I don't want to know what the structuralists think!  I want to
know what you think!"  -- Archer's Goon, Diana Wynne Jones

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