[DWJ] Re: currency (minor spoilers for CL, WW, TPE)

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Mon Sep 18 04:26:16 EDT 2006

Colin, replying to minnow:

> > I am glad that Chrestomanci Castle still does its financial dealings
> > in pounds, shillings and pence sterling; I do hope that since that's
> > not what is used in England here-now any more, American editors of
> > the book will leave the currency alone just as they would if it were
> > "nobles" or "quintups" or any other non-our-world coinage.
> >
> My immediate reply is 'of course it does: it's early 20C'. Of course
> I'm not entitled to draw that conclusion; but it's perfectly possible
> that that England is only a few decades away from decimalisaton.

I disagree, I'm afraid.

In Witch Week, one of the questions Chrestomanci asks when collecting symptoms is "How long have you had decimal currency?".  A bit later, when they tell him the other world to which people escape is just like theirs but without magic, Chrestomanci says he knows that world rather well, since he has a ward who comes from there.  I think this is obviously meant to be Janet.

So I claim that this is not early C20, it is late 1970s.  But World XII A is more Edwardian in its attitudes, including LSD currency, than our own XII B.  Incidentally, this takes place less than a year after CL and MoC, and I think MoC is dated as 1979.  WW is dated as 1981 (I think), so unless our two worlds have drifted apart in date, WW takes place after TPE.

OTOH, the notion that worlds XII A and B separated as recently as the middle ages is getting harder to sustain with TPE.  Unless... (but that would be a big spoiler).

Anyway, what the editors do with currency in TPE really depends on what they did with five shillings a week pocket money in CL.  Or am I expecting too much?


PS I don't believe Janet.  There's no remote possibility that a riding hat could have cost £130 in a world where the vet charges only half a guinea for a check-up.

PPS can someone who has the books handy please look up the two dates.  In WW, it's at the top of almost everyone's journal entries.  In MoC it's on the form FR3, call-up of final reserve, I think.
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