[DWJ] Re: Dwj Digest, Vol 13, Issue 19

sanlehto at cc.jyu.fi sanlehto at cc.jyu.fi
Fri Sep 15 06:47:28 EDT 2006

>   I'm curious. Are you interested primarily in character transformations
> in the sense of somebody becoming a reformed character - like the Ogre,
> for example, or Ginger Hinde - or the kind of transformation you get in
> a book such as *Hexwood*, where a person turns out not to be who they
> thought they were at all? Not that this is an either-or question, of
> course - some people (like Sophie?) do both. I'd guess from your choice
> of texts you're emphasizing the latter, though.

I see I've used rather ambiguous terms... Actually, I'm interested in
physical/ bodily transformations that also involve on another level some
sort of change/ reform/ growth in the characters. I guess metamorphosis
might be a less ambiguous term, but I consider metamorphosis as a one-way
process and transformation as something that can go both ways, or can be
undone or repeated. Although I'm not totally convinced by this theory.
Especially because Jones's books are about processes...

>   Oh, and what does it mean to be working on this from a linguistics
> department? I've never come across it before: do you have to do some
> kind of formal linguistic analysis, or is it more like 'close reading'
> of the old school?

Well, in my case it will be discourse analysis, which is more like 'close
reading' than a strict formalistic analysis, I suppose.

- sanna

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