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Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Fri Sep 15 05:36:13 EDT 2006

>>> leave the currency alone just as they would if it were "nobles" or
>>> "quintups" or any other non-our-world coinage.
> Philip pointed out
>>A Noble was 6 shillings and eightpence, last time I looked ;-)
> The lawyer's fee.  Yup.  But since it isn't still being it, or at
> least not as legal tender, it counts as a not-our-world unit of
> currency, I think.
> (Bring back the Groat, that's wot I sai.)

Had to laugh at that one.

Not too long ago I was toying with currency reform for an imaginary

Old currency: 1 noble = 80 pence.  Coins: Noble, half noble, ounce
(20d), half ounce, groat (4d), half-groat and penny.

Proposed reform:  after much debate as to whether the noble or the penny
should be kept, the system that was chosen was 1 Noble = 100 cents.  The
half-groat and penny will be phased out as coins, being too small for
everyday use.  The groat, now the smallest coin, will be worth 5 cents;
the half ounce (12.5 c) will need to be replaced by a ten-cent piece
(the committee voted overwhelmingly against calling it a Dime), but the
larger coins can continue in use as before.

So I'm all in favour of both groats and nobles, even though I've just
had to add groats to my spelling checker dictionary!


PS a secondhand bookseller friend, now retired, once told me of a
request from the curator at a local museum.  The museum was setting up
an exhibit for some period (can't remember when, but can't have been too
long ago) and wanted some authentic books from the period.  My friend
said yes, he could provide some books, and they'd be about thirty bob
each.  He was astounded when the curator didn't know what "thirty bob"
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