[DWJ] The Pinhoe Egg

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Thu Sep 14 10:03:31 EDT 2006

Meredith asked:

>By the way, Gilli, as an Oz-ite, what did you think of the book Wicked, about the Witch of the West, if you've read it? If >this is getting too off topic for everyone else, do reply off list if you prefer, although ObDWJ, Howl did say that the 
>Witch of the Waste was a very misunderstood woman!

This list does tend to come around full circle! I googled to see what I wrote the last time this came up:

and a little later into the discussion:

And here's a review I wrote of the sequel:


Google and link. I'm so lazy.

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