[DWJ] Missing Pages: Pinhoe Egg

Elizabeth Bentley elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com
Wed Sep 13 13:57:33 EDT 2006

Just finished scanning them but have to check them before sending. Have to
rush off to a meeting now, but will send as soon as I get back.


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On 13/9/06 05:46, "Judith Ridge" <Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au> wrote:

> Well, not strictly speaking missing‹but the words are! Yes, six blank pages,
> some glitch in the printing process. I haven¹t heard anyone else mention
> they¹ve had the same problem, so I¹m hoping someone on the list might be
> kind enough, if they¹re not too busy, to send me the missing text.
> I¹ve got the UK hardcover edition, and the pages I¹m missing are:
> 163
> 166
> 168
> 297
> 299
> 303
> It¹s actually kind of DWJish to have blank pages: like someone has put a
> ³Don¹t read these pages² spell on the book. I¹m left pondering what deep
> secrets may be lurking in these pages and whether or not I¹m missing any
> vital information...
> Judith
> PS Apart from the missing text, I am so enormously happy to be back in the
> world of Charmed Life, and so very happy to see how Cat is getting along.

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