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--- Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:

> I commented slightly crossly
> >>(Hey, I'm biased about some of his views anyway:
> you should have heard him
> >>on the subject of texts in Old and Middle English.
>  He said they have
> >>nothing at all to say except that blokes bash each
> other with axes and then
> >>get drunk and boast about it in the mead-hall
> afterwards.  I washed my
> >>hands... and went away and re-read Wiglaf's
> comments on the boasts one
> >>might utter in the mead-hall, and how one really
> ought to live up to them.)
> >>
> and robyn wrote
> >This made me laugh. I'm teaching Beowulf this week,
> and all the
> >mild-mannered Canadian students are all shocked and
> appalled by the
> >unseemly boasting.
After Minnow's and Robyn's messages -- I'm reading
this book my mother recommended and this page leaped
out at me:

[in a letter]  ...I have these guilts about never
having read Chaucer but I was talked out of learning
Early Anglo-Saxon/-Middle English by a friend who had
to take it for her Ph.D.  They told her to write an
essay in Early Anglo-Saxon on any-subject-of-her-own-
choosing.  "Which is all very well," she said
bitterly, "but the only essay subject you can find
enough Early Anglo-Saxon words for is 'How to
Slaughter a Thousand Men in a Mead Hall.'"

She also filled me in an Beowulf and his illegitimate
son Sidwith -- or is it Widsith? she says it's not
worth reading so that killed my interest in the entire
subject, just send me a modern Chaucer.

Me again
(from 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff -- a real
correspondence from the 40's to the 60's between an
American writer and a London bookstore.)

in Israel

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