[DWJ] Re: Character transformations

sanlehto at cc.jyu.fi sanlehto at cc.jyu.fi
Wed Sep 13 03:20:36 EDT 2006

Thanks everyone!

I should have mentioned that I have all the book-length scholarly works on
DWJ on my bookshelf. So it is the articles or essays I'm after, since they
are not that easy to track down.

Which articles do you have, Juliette? If they are on the list that Charles
mentioned, I might have them already.

> What a cool topic! Of course, the best book for transformations is Finn
> Family Moomintroll (couldn't resist though it isn't a DWJ, since you said
> Finland). Are you using Spellcoats?

I love Moomintrolls! (I have the Groke on my computer screen. I think
she's misunderstood.) I'm not using Spellcoats, since at the moment I'm
only looking at three novels by DWJ, Time of the Ghost, Howl's Moving
Castle and Hexwood, because - working at a linguistics department - I have
to do a very close reading of the texts and I can't include as many books
as I'd like to.

And I know that a linguist sounds like someone who is mercilessly going to
rip the texts into pieces, but I hope to do that very gently, since I'm a
great fan of DWJ.:) It remains to be seen what I'll come up with, in a few
years time...

- sanna

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