[DWJ] Pullman v Narnia

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Sep 12 18:22:35 EDT 2006

I commented slightly crossly

>>(Hey, I'm biased about some of his views anyway: you should have heard him
>>on the subject of texts in Old and Middle English.  He said they have
>>nothing at all to say except that blokes bash each other with axes and then
>>get drunk and boast about it in the mead-hall afterwards.  I washed my
>>hands... and went away and re-read Wiglaf's comments on the boasts one
>>might utter in the mead-hall, and how one really ought to live up to them.)

and robyn wrote

>This made me laugh. I'm teaching Beowulf this week, and all the
>mild-mannered Canadian students are all shocked and appalled by the
>unseemly boasting.

Yuo mean they don't believe that he swam around for days on the open ocean
hunting sea-serpents, and then pursued 'em to the sea-floor to kill them
there?   Fie.

I wonder how they translate "lofgeornost" mentally.  :-)

Or come to that "ofermod", as found in "Bert and the Boys at Blackwater"
(aka "Essex Man Defends His Patch" aka, ok, "The Battle of Maldon").


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