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Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Tue Sep 12 14:35:17 EDT 2006

On Sep 12, 2006, at 11:57 AM, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

> I'm also scheduled
> to give a lecture about Narnia vs. His Dark Materials, entitled "Is 
> Philip
> Pullman the Anti-Lewis" - if any of you have insights or comments to
> contribute, I'm all ears.

I think they're a lot more alike than Pullman would care to admit.
The whole daemon [daimon?] business is so totally dependent on

[It's also dependent on conventional gender roles, which
  annoys me.  Of course, as I have said before, the whole
  daimon thing gives me the willies.]

I remember reading an article about Pullman in which
he vents at Lewis for not allowing Susan to go back to Narnia
because she had conventional pubescent interests.  A friend of
mine says it sounds to her like the reaction of someone deeply
involved and deeply disappointed.  That is, Pullman is deeply
involved and feels deeply betrayed by Lewis.

For what it's worth ...


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female problems. I said, “Get real! What does that mean?”
She says, “You know, female problems.” I said, “What?
You can’t parallel park? You can’t get credit?”

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