[DWJ] Another new DWJ?

Andrea Jones bendy_legs2 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 12 01:32:59 EDT 2006

I know Enna Hittems! Ive red it! Its a short story in the big book 
Unexpected Magic that has heaps of DWJ's short stories. I dont know about 
"the Game" though, ive been in lots of bookstors in Austalia/victoria but 
never seen anything new for a little while...
But anyway, Emma Hittems is quite good, kids sort story about a girl called 
anne who gets the mumps.
Hope it helps, Andi

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>I couldn't find "The Game" on the A&R website, but they do have something
>listed called "Enna Hittems", not yet published. Anyone know anything about
>On 12/9/06 12:13 PM, "Juliette Curtis" <juliette at harvestroad.com> wrote:
> > The website of an Australian book shop, Angus and Robertson, lists a new
> > DWJ title: "The Game". Publication date is given as 1 March 2007. Has
> > anybody heard anything about this?
> > (Have ordered Pinhoe Egg from Amazon.co.uk. Hope it will be here on 
> >
> >
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