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meredith at leemac.freeserve.co.uk meredith at leemac.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Sep 10 16:55:53 EDT 2006

A couple of people recently - I think Judith and Ania - were talking about studying updated fairy tales, well I've just come across a brilliant graphic novel series called Fables, by Bill Willingham, published by Vertico Comics. This has fairy tale characters chased out of their original worlds by the evil adversary, and settling in secret communities in modern USA. It's very entertaining - Prince Charming's ex-wives (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) have regular get-togethers to bitch about him, and because there is a general amnesty for everything that happened before the exile, Bluebeard is on the look-out for a wife. The big bad wolf is still banned from the animals' farm, however. Although it's funny it's a very adult take on what the characters do in our world.
Topical ObDWJ - Puss in Boots is in it, and Chrestomanci uses the Puss in Boots story for a lesson in The Pinhoe Egg!
cheers, Meredith

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