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Sun Sep 10 11:43:39 EDT 2006

Hi everybody,

I'm back from my holidays and managed to get my internet access repaired (hopefully not just temporarily) and as I asked about Elantris before, I thought I'd share my impressions. (I was impressed ;-).

Whilst His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik, which I also read during my holidays was the book nearly made me cry several times (not because 
it's sad, but becaus it made me all gooey), Elantris kept me up a whole 
night reading.

I enjoyed it, I'd recommend it, and I'll certainly read 
Mistborn, too, strange names or not. 

Whilst it has many points of merit, I felt it has some (minor) flaws, too. Most of them, I believe, might come from it beeing at points a bit too amitious or maybe just a bit too much. A complex magical system (gone wrong for mysteroius reasons later to be uncovered), four or five religions (some of them related, and some cults), several different cultures with different customs and political and economical systems (and changes and revolutions in these systems), philosophical and psychological questions of love, acceptance, faith, the right way to lead people. All in there! That's of course not the "flaws" I'm talking about.

The book is fascinating, and it is good *because* it is all there, but at times the answers to some complex questions or the resolutions of some issues feel too "easy" in comparison to the build up (I'm not talking about the main points here, but of some plot points raised in passing). There is so much realistic complexity in the book that some points stuck out to me in comparison that did not fit or where explanations were offered I didn't find plausible. 

But hey, a book that makes you think so much and offers so much is rare (and it's hard to put down!). And in a way I even like the sticking out points, because they make you think and put up contradictions in your head.

And Mistborn (the title still makes me smile, I confess)... The first chapter is in the back of my edition of Elantris, and I'm really interested on the new concepts Sanderson seems to have developed there.

ObDWJ: I got one! I also read Castle in the Air for the first time. As it is marketed as sequel to HMC, I can say nearly spoilerfree that I spotted Sophie from the beginning on, but neither Howl nor Calcifer AT ALL. I had to reread parts of it immediatly... 



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