[DWJ] Why I won't be at Eastercon next year

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And may I join in the chorus of pleas to tell us more! Is the very lucky man 
on the list? Are you off back to Australia to spawn? Which character is it? 
Pleeeeease do tell all!

For the record, I recommend a home birth unless there is a medical concern 
over and above the fact that it's a first baby.

And it also seems a good place to add that my baby left home yesterday; I 
returned from moving him to Hereford to a very empty house (and with a very 
empty wallet!). It hasn't hit me yet that he's gone, but no doubt it will 


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I won't be at Eastercon next year as I am expecting a baby in February!
It will be my first, and I'm very happy and excited about it.

And, strangely enough, there is a DWJ connection.  Two in fact.

I met the father at Eastercon this year, and that is indirectly Minnow
and Roger's fault.  I didn't know many people, so I went to see if I
could sit at their table for dinner one night.  They all cleared off for
a Convoy bid committee meeting, and I ended up at the table alone.  Then
a rather charming young man came up and asked if he could join me.  We
started chatting and one thing led to another...

Anway, I blame Roger and Minnow :)

I was also a little worried that the one of the characters in Deep
Secret was based on the man in question.  I am all for DWJ fandom, but
having a baby with a DWJ character is taking things a little far I feel!
I lent him Deep Secret, and after reading it he assured me that no, it
was not him, though he could see how I could think it might have been.

So soon I will have a small child to bring up in they ways of good
children's literature :)


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