[DWJ] Why I won't be at Eastercon next year

Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at us.kline.com
Wed Sep 6 05:27:02 EDT 2006

I won't be at Eastercon next year as I am expecting a baby in February!
It will be my first, and I'm very happy and excited about it.

And, strangely enough, there is a DWJ connection.  Two in fact.

I met the father at Eastercon this year, and that is indirectly Minnow
and Roger's fault.  I didn't know many people, so I went to see if I
could sit at their table for dinner one night.  They all cleared off for
a Convoy bid committee meeting, and I ended up at the table alone.  Then
a rather charming young man came up and asked if he could join me.  We
started chatting and one thing led to another...

Anway, I blame Roger and Minnow :)

I was also a little worried that the one of the characters in Deep
Secret was based on the man in question.  I am all for DWJ fandom, but
having a baby with a DWJ character is taking things a little far I feel!
I lent him Deep Secret, and after reading it he assured me that no, it
was not him, though he could see how I could think it might have been.

So soon I will have a small child to bring up in they ways of good
children's literature :)


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