[DWJ] Pinhoe Egg (no spoilers)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Tue Sep 5 06:28:27 EDT 2006

Judith said:

>> Don't know about NZ, but I've just got off the phone with My Woman at
>> HarperCollins, and it's not out in Australia until February. And they
>> don't
>> have any reader's copies. It's not just that I'm desperate to read
>> it--we
>> are in the process of choosing the book we will feature in The School
>> Magazine next year and I'm desperate to include it! (Also the new
>> Tiffany
>> Aching--similar problem.)

Judith, I still totally owe you for hooking me up with *I Have A Bed Made
of Buttermilk Pancakes* - email me off-list to remind me of your address
and we'll send you a copy. You will, of course, need a multi-region... oh,
no, that's just DVDs, isn't it?

Anyway. I was sick in bed yesterday, so my gf heroically tracked us down a
copy (after a long and fruitless phone conversation with Bristol Borders,
who told her -  *after* laborious spelling of P-I-N-H-O-E and indeed
J-O-N-E-S - that not only had they never heard of it, but (a) they didn't
stock any books by DWJ and (b) The Pinhoe Egg wasn't on Amazon.co.uk yet,
both of which I know from the evidence of my own eyes to be not true...
anyway, she found it elsewhere eventually) and I read it in the bath,
because I never learn, and it was jolly good, but I won't put spoilers in
this post.

Love, Ika

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