[DWJ] Re Getting Paid (was Giant Under the Snow)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Sep 5 06:16:29 EDT 2006

Sallyo wrote:

>ODWJ - I need to cultivate a Chrestomanci vague look next time someone
>springs this on me.

All of those who know and love DWJ are trying to convince her that *she*
should cultivate a Chrestomanci vague look for when eg the BBC ring up and
demand that she drop everything and rush to London or Manchester at their
behest to do things for them that are no use to her.  They *never* offer
any payment.

She is too polite!

When the film of HMC might have been in line for an Oscar, she was rung up
at nine in the morning by some importunate person requiring her to do
things for them, and (not having had her coffee yet) actually said "No."

They then rang her again at about hourly intervals for the rest of the day
until in the end she gave up (she says she lost the will to live) and
meekly said "Yes."

Then she was wiped out for four days after they'd dragged her around town,
left her standing in a corridor for about an hour (I am not joking!) and
generally messed her around.

I suggested a simple "out" for her: when they ring, she should agree to
whatever unreasonable request they make.  Then on the day that they wanted
her to do whatever it was she simply should not turn up, but *three hours
after they wanted it done*, she should ring them and say "About this thing
you want me to do tomorrow..." and then be very apologetic.  After a bit
they would get the message that she is Old And Absent-Minded and stop

But alas, she is too polite.


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