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On 10/27/06, JOdel at aol.com <JOdel at aol.com> wrote:
> > But to have to choose that over "The God Beneath the Sea".
> >
> Oh. Yes. When Leon Garfield got on a roll there was practically nothing to
> touch him. And Charles Keeping's art style was a perfect match.
> Did you read the companion book, 'The Golden Shadow'? The first book is of
> the Gods, the second is concerned with the Heroes.
> I was sorry when Garfield went into writing for young readers, but I
> suppose
> that he had aquired grandchildren.
> But his style was distinctive from his very first book (Jack Holborn).
> 'Smith' is still one of my favorites.

For some odd reason, I haven't gotten to "The Golden Shadow" yet. It's on my
radar. I have to gather a pile of books to take on a week long trip to a
posh resort over the Christmas break, so maybe I'll add that.

I have "Smith" on my shelf waiting for the right mood!


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