[DWJ] Re: Dwj Digest, Vol 14, Issue 17

JOdel at aol.com JOdel at aol.com
Fri Oct 27 13:12:28 EDT 2006

> But to have to choose that over "The God Beneath the Sea".

Oh. Yes. When Leon Garfield got on a roll there was practically nothing to 
touch him. And Charles Keeping's art style was a perfect match. 

Did you read the companion book, 'The Golden Shadow'? The first book is of 
the Gods, the second is concerned with the Heroes.

I was sorry when Garfield went into writing for young readers, but I suppose 
that he had aquired grandchildren. 

But his style was distinctive from his very first book (Jack Holborn). 
'Smith' is still one of my favorites.

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