[DWJ] Nominate your favourite Carnegie and Greenaway winner book of all time

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Thu Oct 26 23:04:11 EDT 2006

I'm torn. Deeply torn. "Northern Lights" was a work of genius, IMHO. A great
book that I'll reread and reread until I go blind.

But to have to choose that over "The God Beneath the Sea". This book
transfixed me. I borrowed it from the library at least twice a year. I read
it aloud to Mark (my partner) just last year. I love how it weaves the tales
of the gods into one long, dark, powerful narrative. And those

How to choose, how to choose!


On 10/26/06, R.Macrae-Gibson at lse.ac.uk <R.Macrae-Gibson at lse.ac.uk> wrote:
> Not exactly DWJ related but to celebrate 70 years of the CILIP Carnegie
> and Greenaway medals, nominations are invited to choose the all-time top
> 10 of each award.
> I'm surprised that DWJ hasn't won the CILIP Carnegie medal-although
> she's been nominated-Charmed Life I think was nominated but maybe this
> was in a very strong year.
> Anyway you can see the complete list of winners and vote at the link
> below
> http://carnegiegreenaway.org.uk/carnegiegreenaway70/nomination70.asp
> Rowena
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