[DWJ] Books up for grabs; Milly/Millie.

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Oct 24 13:55:44 EDT 2006

I will happily post to the US. However, Ulrika is the lucky winner of Chums 
of Study Ten, so there's only the other two left.
Email me your address off list and they're yours- unless someone else gets 
in first!


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> Hi Ania,
> Will you post them to the US?  I could pay...  would send some cash back?
> Rene
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>>Subject: [DWJ] Books up for grabs; Milly/Millie.
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>>Dear listers,
>>I have three children's books for which I have no real use but can't bear 
>>to throw away. I will post them (free) to whoever wants them. I don't mind 
>>posting abroad, they are not heavy. First come first served.
>>1. Fairy Kindheart and other stories, by Grace Ashton. Illustrated by FH 
>>Coventry. Quite old- no newer than 1950s, I'd say, and possibly older.
>>2. A Handful of Stories, by Ascott R Hope. This one is c. 1900 (+ - 10 
>>3. The Chums of Study Ten by JP Milne. School story (Obdwj: perfect for 
>>Millie then!), c. 1930s.
>>A propos Millie, she's Millie in TLoCC and Milly in CL. (Or is it the 
>>other way round?)
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