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Thu Oct 19 10:13:48 EDT 2006

"Meyers, Katherine" <Katherine_Meyers at brown.edu> wrote:
  >PS: Because now that I'm in college I have the opportunity to take shameless advantage of a free interlibrary loan system, I got to read Charlie's _Four British Fantasists_. It's great!
  [blushes beamingly]. Glad you liked it, Katie.
  For me, the two best Chrestomanci books are *Charmed Life* and *The Lives of Christopher Chant*, by a country mile. No, wait! I actually like *Witch Week* a lot, too. *Magicians*, *Conrad* and *Pinhoe* all suffer a bit from gods in the machine, coming along and sorting it all out in the end with a kind of ungainsayable authority that doesn't always quite gel which what we've seen up to that point. I can see why Farah is reminded of Poirot-esque drawing room scenes, but in PE I did wonder whether justice had even been dispensed... 
  All these books have good and memorable things in them, but I think the last DWJ book I really *loved* was the Merlin Conspiracy.

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