A plethora of gods (was Re: [DWJ] Dalemark quartet paper)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Oct 19 05:18:17 EDT 2006

Jon wrote:

>This was an important plot point is some L Sprague DeCamp fantasy novel,
>from many years ago, possibly "The Tritonian Ring" but possibly not that
>one. It would have to be some thirty years ago since I read whatever book
>it was and I think it had been around for some time then.

*The Tritonian Ring and Other Pusadian Tales* came out in 1953, and the
title novel was reissued in some other form in 1968.

This suggests that there was a world or at least a country associated with
the idea (Pusadia?) and other stories set in that place, but I haven't ever
come across any of them.


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