[DWJ] Off topic: Neil Gaiman's Crazy Hair

Richard Nagel richard_nagel at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 14 17:36:16 EDT 2006

Dear Gili,

I'm sure I'm not the only member of the DWJ list who'd love to read your 
lecture about Pullman as the anti-Lewis. Is is available online or could 
you post it to the list?

Richard Nagel

Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
> Hello all,
> I thought you all might enjoy this home video of Neil Gaiman reading an
> unpublished poem at the ICon festival in Tel-Aviv. The poem is called "Crazy
> Hair" and was written by him in one sitting, as an email to his daughter
> once when he was touring and wanted to write her something nice. Someday
> Dave McKean is supposed to illustrate it so it can come out as a children's
> book, but in the meantime he occasionally pulls it out at readings. The
> first two lines that were amputated in the move to You Tube are: "This is
> Bonnie, this is me; I'm eleven, Bonnie's three".
> Here's the link:
> http://israblog.nana.co.il/tblogread.asp?blog=24310&blogcode=5062956  (don't
> be alarmed by the Hebrew, You Tube is You Tube)
> ObDWJ: One of the two lectures I gave at ICon this year was about the
> tributes and winks at "The Wizard of Oz" in "Howl's Moving Castle". I know
> I've written about this before here, but I've padded it out enough to
> sustain a 90 minute lecture, and the audience reacted very warmly. I think
> this may be the first DWJ lecture ever to be given at ICon
> (http://promo.icon.org.il/eng/). The question I was asked most frequently
> after the lecture, was "when will more DWJ titles be published in Hebrew"?
> (My other lecture was entitled, "Is Philip Pullman the Anti-Lewis"? And to
> my great surprise, it managed to draw several dozen enthusiasts, despite the
> fact that it was parallel to Neil Gaiman's reading).
> Gili
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