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Juliette Curtis jcurtis at harvestroad.com
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He used to TAKE photos like that. His hobby was photographing naked little
girls. I am not kidding -- it's true. Allegedly it was part of a Victorian
idea that images of naked children expressed innocence, purity etc, but I've
seen some of those photos in a biography of Lewis Carroll and they look like
soft core kiddie p*rn to me.

The mother of Alice Liddell eventually forbade Carroll to see her daughters.


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Would Lewis Carroll be arrested on Suspicion these days? I bet he'd have 
dodgy (pun intended) piccies in his computer.

I was thinking that many of the folk whose work has been reveared and 
studied and fed to kids for centuries were probably screamingly bad role 
models. Nutters, druggies, manipulatory crazies...

ODWJM...  Aunt Maria, for example...


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