[DWJ] Bananas

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Nov 28 05:41:38 EST 2006

meredith wrote

>There is a banana  scene in The Pinhoe Egg
>I thought it was very funny and vivid - the young Klartch sitting on a
>sofa trying to eat a banana and Chrestomanci snatches the skin off him
>just before he gets to eat that too

Is it in Gerald Durrell's work that there's an account of giving bananas to
a group of captive apes, each of whom peels a banana and all of whom get it
right first go -- only then all but one eat the banana and throw the peel
away, one equally carefully eats the peel and throws away the fruit?

If it is, does anyone happen to know which book it's in?  Or if it
isn't,where is it anyway?

Minnow (surely DWJ must have read Gerald Durrell...)

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