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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 00:56:35 EST 2006

Its my understanding that the Queensland bananas are back in production, they grow fairly quickly, but not on trees, they're a herb (which may tie in with Pinhoe) as they have no wood. When we were in Morocco we had bananas for breakfast every day, very cheap and nice.

Jon - who has also bought his first Aussie bananas for a long time, mangoes and stone fruit are now also getting cheap, wonderful.

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I think the banana trees are starting to grow back :)

We've been getting cheap bananas at the local markets - I suspect they're 
driven up from cyclone-free NSW as it's so close.

I don't think there is any way to bring this on topic. I can't remember 
cyclones or bananas in any DWJ books...


At 10:49 AM 28/11/2006, Kathleen Jennings wrote:
>No, no - Banana prices are falling! They were under $8/kg at the
>supermarket yesterday!
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