[DWJ] And does anyone recognize this book?

Meyers, Katherine Katherine_Meyers at brown.edu
Wed Nov 22 16:19:05 EST 2006

I've always meant to ask if anyone knew what book this was.  I read it when I was in middle school and really liked it.  It's about a young girl who, because of various political intrigues, pretends to be a boy and lives and sings with the boys of a cathedral choir.  She overhears plotting by perhaps, a bad bishop, about, perhaps monarchical intrigue.  There is a lot about singing in the choir, friendships with the boys, and buttons (?), I think.  She is really somebody important.  There were no other books by this author at my library.  I seriously doubt that this was enough information to identify the book, but this list has performed wonders in the past so I figured it's worth a shot.

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