[DWJ] Book recommendations

Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Sat Nov 18 00:30:48 EST 2006

Robyn Starkey wrote:
> Actually, I think Frankenstein is heaps easier to teach, and as I said 
> before, I've never been tempted to teach Wuthering Heights, although I 
> did appreciate it as an undergrad. A little less cynicism about other 
> people's professions would be nice.

Cynicism?  Did that bit about professors keeping a "straight face" seem 
cynical?  I couldn't say anything about _Frankenstein_, having never 
read it, much less tried to teach it, but I believe what said about 
professors using _Wuthering Heights_ for its being easy to teach because 
a professor told me that when I asked him.

--Mark Allums

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