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Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
  >Charlie wondered

>I'm curious as to whether you'd include Stephen Potter's *Gamesmanship* in
>your s-s-g? That had a very good sequel in *Lifemanship*, plus two poor
>ones (*Oneupmanship* and *Supermanship*) and a dreadful spin-off,

>It's definitely a candidate, you're right. Books I don't have but am
keeping my eye out for.
  Thinking about it, and grasping for an obDWJ, the Skiver's Guide is very much a lineal descendant of the Potter books. Viz:
  'The F Meynells of Suffolk live (he is of course the Gamesman) in a charmingly appointed cottage, but suffer, with one exception, from an almost complete absence of staff. Immediately the meal was over, Cogg-Willoughby would take off his coat, roll up his sleeves, clear the table in a trice, and then, "Let's get down to it," he said, and would do all the washing-up, if not part of the drying-up as well, expertly and thoroughly, with a quick swish round even one or two of the saucepans, and clean a cup, used at some previous meal with which he had no connection. No need to add that, having planted this good impression in the mind of his hostess, "Cogg" for the rest of the week-end would lift not one finger int he kitchen or the garden, nor bring in so much as a single log of firewood from the shed.'

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