[DWJ] Book recommendations (now long and rambly on Pride and Prejudice)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Nov 17 09:25:04 EST 2006


>I "did" P&P for AO-level English Lit, and of the five books we had it
>was the only one I could still bear to read afterwards. It struck me
>even in my callow youth that it had been written by someone who loved
>the language, and cared about rhythm and assonance even in prose.

Impressive callowness there, Roger.  :)

It's an interesting observation though - I don't think I can remember 
ever hearing fan (or otherwise) mentioning that as the main thing 
which struck them about Jane Austen.

Were the other books unbearable for you by 'virtue' of their natures 
or was it the teaching?

Hallie (now craving a reread of many Austens!)

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