[DWJ] Book recommendations

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 17 02:53:15 EST 2006

Minnow wrote:

>If I *haven't* already recommended *The Brontes Went To Woolworths*, I'd
>like to do so at once.  It's not very easy to explain in a short form, but
>I'd class it in a category with *Cold Comfort Farm* and *No Bed For Bacon*
>as being a 'tween wars light novel (and Classic) written by someone taking
>a light-hearted tilt at things generally taken Altogether Too Seriously.
>At one end of that sub-sub-genre one could probably put *1066 and All That*
>and at the other, I don't know, maybe *I Capture the Castle*, which is
>mostly quite serious when it isn't being utterly surreal.  It's a very
>small s-s-g; far too small in my opinion.  P.G. Wodehouse subverting the
>Minor Public School Story in *Mike* is another example, I suppose, and
>there are traces of it in the description by Sayers of Harriet Vane going
>up to London for Christmas in *Gaudy Night* and attending a Prize Book
>party and talking about the Modern Play, and Peter Wimsey going to the
>Bohemian Party in *Strong Poison*.  Compton Mackenzie has it a bit in *The
>Adventures of Sylvia Scarlet*, in which he invented a school of painters
>called the Blanchists (an advance or offshoot from the Azurists), who
>assert that All Is White and paint accordingly...
Extremely interesting genre-identification Minnow, and I immediately ask 
myself, "why is it I love almost all of the books on this list, but hate 
No Bed for Bacon?"

I am tempted to read this Bronte book.

Would you put the Thursday Next books in this genre? Or only the first one?


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