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> -deborah, who doesn't like WH but would personally rather talk
> about why P&P is so good than why WH isn't

I'd love some idea of why P&P is so good, as my 17 year  old daughter has
just read it and remains rather underwhelmed. She agrees that it is a good
book, but is hard put to understand why it is "great".  Part of that is that
the current advice to 'show and not tell' was not the way of doing things in
Austen's time. I suggested that perhaps it was that JA is so mush more
intelligent than those who surrounded her that she tends to survey her
characters from a great height rather than engaging with them, and therefore
we are less engaged than we are used to being. But literary criticism is not
my strong point. Any hep would be much appreciated, including being pointed
in the direction of some litcrit.

EB (not Emily)

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