[DWJ] Book recommendations

Amy Lee Bennett alb15 at cornell.edu
Thu Nov 16 09:27:00 EST 2006

I'm with Judith here, I must say, and I find it ironic that this
thread is titled "book recommendations!" I haven't even read WH yet
and so I'm not trying to defend a beloved old favorite from all
criticism, and since I dissed Endymion Spring in my last post I'm not
trying to suggest that nobody should ever say anything critical about
a book -- but I must say, part of what I enjoy about this list is the
way that everybody's generally so enthusiastic about the books they
love (this is ultimately a fan list after all!), and it makes me want
to read (and think about) what everyone's talking about. If I want
book-bashing discussions that imply that everyone who likes some book
that other folks hate with a passion is an idiot, I can just go read
child_lit, after all.

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We had a thorough round of Bronte bashing a few months ago (much of which
was lifted straight from the pages of Peter's Room, very irritating). Can we
give it a rest? These discussions always seem to imply that there's
something wrong with anyone who happens to like the "old fetid dingoes
kidneys". I for one don't feel the need to defend my enjoyment of any book
or writer (and I've thoroughly enjoyed the Brontes, including Wuthering
Heights, both as a reader and a teacher).


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