[DWJ] Dingoes' kidneys???

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 05:47:50 EST 2006

Sally wrote:

> Dingoes' kidneys, Minnow? Ummmmm?

[I think that's Douglas Adams, isn't it?]

And what did Ika have to say about false teaching in Potter?

Oh, I think that must have been a few years ago - but stuff like how we're
supposed to think that Dumbledore is a good guy because he looks a bit like
Gandalf, when actually he enlists a small boy to do his dirty work for no
apparent reason, and to no apparent gain for the small boy, who is still
subject to being put in detention/being sent home to his abusive family/
being denied crucial information and resources in the name of 'protecting'
him. I wrote an essay about all of this in a book called *Fan Fictions and
Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet* (it came out this year, I

Love, Ika (who quite likes the films, conversely)

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