[DWJ] Swithering Depths

Aimee Smith aimees001 at netspace.net.au
Thu Nov 16 02:00:50 EST 2006

>> What *is* it about that load of old fetid dingoes' kidneys that  
>> appeals to
>> so many people?
>> Minnow
> I hated it and have never wanted to go back and read it again.
> Colin

	Bits of it were nicely atmospheric, gothic and mysterious, and  
wasn't part of it's charm the whole startlingly *different* characters?
I actually have no idea. I don't ever want to read it again either,  
having hated most of the people in it and being constantly frustrated  
by people's inability to Grow A Backbone or Run Away or Kill  
	I suppose I could liken my reaction to it to what I thought of  
(Joseph) Conrad's (not "Fate") "Heart of Darkness". Pretty  
description and atmosphere, but just too deep or yucky for it's own  
good and not slightly appealing to want to read again.
	Maybe it was the way the texts were taught, because I'll be the  
first to love atmosphere and gothic 'romantic' mystery usually. Not  
that WH is romantic. Give me Jane Eyre any day.


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