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The healer of all healers is Ayla from the dreadful "Earth's Children" books
("Clan of the Cavebear" etc.) by Jean Auel. The books got worse and worse as
the series progressed, to the point that I read the last one because I
couldn't believe it was truly as awful all the way through as the first
chapter was, but yes, it was truly that awful. Probably one of the worst
books I have ever read in my life. Had to be read to be believed. The first
half of the plot is a recap of the previous four books in the series, then
the next quarter of the book is a recap of the first half of the book, the
next eight of the book is a recap of the previous quarter, the next
sixteenth... you get the idea. Anyway, Ayla is incredibly knowledgable with
herbs and could probably cure cancer, given the right type of grass. She
also invented Everything. But I'm not sure whether these books are
considered fantasy.

Another historical with a good healer in it is Karen Cushman's "The
Midwife's Apprentice".


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In a moment of madness, I suggested that I could present on:
"Beyond the herb-wife: feminism and the fantasy herbalist."
at Darkovercon. (in a week and a half from now).
The program chair took me up on it.

So, now I have to write something to present. Urgh.

Any suggestions of fantasy herbalist
characters I can throw in, I'll happy to take.  Or other ideas...

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