[DWJ] Felix Castor

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Nov 15 12:55:02 EST 2006

Hello everyone,

I just bought and read a book by Mike Carey (who used to write Hellblazer 
and other comics) called The Devil You Know, featuring Felix Castor who is 
an exorcist. It is set in modern day and very recognizable London- in fact, 
a lot of it happens in the King's Cross/Somers Town area and I used to live 
near there so it all made lots of sense geographically. Not only that, but 
the centre for lot of the action is an archival repository! Even BS5454 gets 
a mention!

Anyway, it's yet another urban-set mystery-type series but with Supernatural 
Beings- in this case mostly ghosts and zombies- so readers of Jim Butcher, 
Laurell K Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong etc. will recognise the genre 
immediately. But, it was really good*. I shall be buying the second one very 
soon. I particularly liked Juliet...

*For the record, I really liked the Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series, I 
enjoyed Kelley Armstrong (mostly), I adored Sunshine by Robin McKinley, 
loved the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire novels, wanted to love the Tanya 
Huff Blood series and mostly did OK but could not love the subsequent Smoke 
books, and as to LKH, it turned from something very promising into porn and 
lost me in the process.
The Felix Castor book is somewhere in the top 3 of the above, I'd say. 
Consider it recommended.


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