[DWJ] trolling for ideas/suggestions

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Nov 15 07:23:25 EST 2006

The Knowledge Pika asked for help:

>In a moment of madness, I suggested that I could present on:
>"Beyond the herb-wife: feminism and the fantasy herbalist."
>at Darkovercon. (in a week and a half from now).
>The program chair took me up on it.
>So, now I have to write something to present. Urgh.
>Any suggestions of fantasy herbalist
>characters I can throw in, I'll happy to take.  Or other ideas...

How about starting with the entries in DWJ's *The Tough Guide to
Fantasyland* on "herbs" and "herbwoman"?  The entry on "fever" also
suggests that a cup of herbal tea will cure everything.  That gives you a
nice touch of light silliness to make people laugh and like you.  :-)

I assume that there must be herbal remedies on Darkover, but since I
haven't read the books for about twenty years I can't remember.


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