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Just to say that the Dimsie books are by Dorita Fairlie Bruce and not Angela Brazil. They are all excellent, and much better than Angela... DFB wrote three series about girls' schools (Springdale, Dimsie and Nancy)and most of the girls go onto illustrious careers. The expert on DFB is a Swedish lady called Eva Lofgren, and she has an excellent website.


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I realise that this is a slightly odd direction but you might want to check
out Angela Brazil's Dimsie books. If I remember rightly, Dimsie can't afford
to train to be a doctor so becomes a herbalist. There's a surprising amoutn
of discussion about this as a woman's area, and might give you a place to

On 15/11/06, Juliette Curtis <jcurtis at harvestroad.com> wrote:
> The hurt lady in MC with her refusal to be owned by her village and her
> passing of her herbalist skills to Rhoddy instead of anybody in her
> village.
> Very feminist!
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