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I've just returned with a HUGE stack of books and am catching up on email. I
had to apologise to Charlie, Hallie and Farah who made a genuine effort to
get me into the IBBY conference: turned out I could have attended thanks to
last minute cancellations, but the price would have been sorely letting down
my husband and aunt, who were looking forward to spending the day with me.

IBBY stands for "International Board on Books for Young People". This is
indeed an international organisation with local chapters in countries all
over the world, devoted to promoting children's books and literacy. They
publish the journal "Bookbird", and I believe they are also in charge of the
Hans Christian Andersen awards, though I can't find confirmation of this on
their website: http://www.ibby.org/

I enjoyed "Wicked" quite a bit. Idina Menzel was not performing that night,
though her name and picture are in the programme, but the actress who
replaced her was very good. The music I found to be not particularly
memorable, but I enjoyed most other aspects of the show, particularly the
set and the fantasic costumes. The plot of the musical deviates greatly from
Gregory Maguire's novel. Had I been a fan of Maguire's "Wicked", I would
have said the story was butchered in the transition to the stage. In fact in
my opinion the story was tremendously improved. It was not only much
shorter, but also clearer, more pointed, easier to follow, tidier, more
enjoyable -  in short BETTER than the novel.


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Gili Bar-Hillel <gbhillel at netvision.net.il> wrote:

  > (we've got tickets to "Wicked", which as an Oz fan I
  > feel obligated to see)

  I hope you have a good time!  I would love to see that show.   The story
is very different from Baum's original, but the music is fun  and I've heard
the show is fantastic live.  Will Idina Menzel be  performing as Elphaba?  I
heard she'll be playing in London for a  while, but I didn't bother to
memorize the dates since, like you with  IBBY, I know there's no way I'll be
in London for any of her shows.

  Can someone explain to a curious newbie to the list what IBBY is?

  By the way, a propos of the flurry of book recommendations flying  around,
I now know who to blame if I spend the rest of the semester  reading fantasy
and ignoring my schoolbooks....


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